waiting on baby ellie | charleston maternity photographer - Nancy Lempesis

this session was made extra special because my parents-to-be also happen to be some of my best friends. we've all been waiting for what feels like forever for baby ellie's arrival and she is finally almost here! we picked the beach for robert and cassie's session because it is where they spend all of their free time. 

maternity sessions are so special because it is an intimate time to spend with one another just before baby arrives - a time to center yourself, celebrate your new life to come and reflect on the life you're living in the moment. 

so many mamas don't feel pretty in their pregnant bodies - between the exhaustion, the cravings, the aversions, your waistline growing in a society that tells us that thin is the only way to be, it's no wonder we feel less than perfect. but once you deliver your baby, and see the life that your body CREATED and GREW, you develop a new perception of what is beautiful. it is sometimes only then that we can look back at ourselves and see how gorgeous and powerful we really were. so here is to cassie - one of the most gorgeous and powerful mamas i know. 

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