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I am a photographer because I believe that photographs are the most important family heirlooms we can pass down.

when i was growing up

I remember being twelve years old and studying every photograph my mother had saved in her photo albums from the sixties and seventies. I loved seeing a version of my mom that I didn't get to experience. I would spend hours thumbing through my parents' wedding album like it was my job.

When my brothers and I were born, mom and dad documented every ordinary and extraordinary moment of our little lives. Both creatives, they were incredible visual storytellers and my appreciation for photography comes directly from them.

everyone has their own story to tell. let me tell yours through simple, timeless imagery.


I live, work and play on Isle of Palms - a quaint little island outside of Charleston, SC - with my husband Pete, our 2 year old Gracie, and our 3 dogs (yes, its not a typo - we have 3 dogs).


When I am not shooting you can find me somewhere on the island, drinking coffee by the gallon and chasing Gracie, the pups, and sometimes my husband who is known by most as #petethemom.


When I'm not chasing one of them, I am probably  selling, buying or rearranging furniture in our house. I have a problem, but step one is to admit it, right?  


We also own a cozy vacation cottage down the street and we love giving visitors a taste of what it's like to live like a local in our little paradise. Our life is constant, hilarious chaos and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

e-mail: nancylempesis@gmail.com
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